Relieving Dental Anxiety in Brookline, MA

If the idea of going to the dentist makes you nervous, you certainly aren’t alone. About 36 percent of adults in the U.S. have some form of anxiety about the dentist. However, if you’ve been avoiding the dentist because of your fear, you are putting your oral health at risk. Let us help with relieving dental anxiety in Brookline. By choosing our practice, you can:

  • Meet with a team that values you as more than just another patient
  • Get the treatment you need to keep your smile intact
  • Understand the reasoning for treatments, so you feel confident moving forward
  • Avoid more complex oral health problems in the future
  • Achieve your smile goals and improve your overall appearance

Ready to conquer your fear? Call 617-397-3958 for an appointment. We’re open late on Wednesdays in case you want to visit us after work or school.

Ease Your Nerves to Get the Treatment You Need

While not all fears require addressing, you don’t want to ignore a dental fear. When you skip regular checkups, you may face more serious oral health consequences in the future. It’s our goal that you maintain a healthy smile throughout your life. So we focus on helping you feel at ease in the dental chair. Here are just a few ways we can do that:

  • Sedation Options – If you have severe anxiety, we have oral sedation available. You take it before your appointment, and you’ll be totally relaxed when you arrive. You’ll need to arrange for a drive home following your appointment because of its lasting effects.
  • Private Care Rooms – It’s understandable that you want to discuss your fears and concerns in private. You don’t want to worry about other patients possibly hearing. That’s why we have private operatories available.
  • Caring Staff – Our staff wants you to understand and feel confident about your dental care. You can share specific areas of concern, and we’ll go the extra mile to work with you to relieve your stress.
  • Extensive Experience – We have over 30 years of experience treating patients. Our team is experienced in dealing with everything from placing a crown to fix a broken tooth to more complex procedures like root canals.

For help with relieving dental anxiety in Brookline, call 617-397-3958 for an appointment. You can also schedule online.