Sleep Apnea in Brookline, MA

If you struggle with sleeplessness during the night, you’ve probably tried a lot of home remedies to get better rest. However, if the underlying cause is a sleep disorder, you’ll need more than a simple life hack. Many patients with apnea turn to CPAP machines for relief, but a CPAP isn’t always the best solution. Our treatment for sleep apnea in Brookline will:

  • Include an oral appliance that you won’t have to plug in
  • Be more comfortable and convenient than a CPAP
  • Protect your overall health in the long-term
  • Reduce your risk for more serious health issues like high blood pressure
  • Put a stop to symptoms such as daytime fatigue, headaches, and dry mouth

If you are ready to stop your restless nights, call 617-397-3958 for an appointment. We’re open until 7 p.m. on Wednesdays for our busy patients.

Find Relief From Your Snoring & Other Symptoms

Many patients assume that if you snore, you have sleep apnea. However, that’s only one of many symptoms of the disorder. You may also notice symptoms such as moments during the night where you wake up gasping for air, sleepiness during the day, mood swings, dry throat, or insomnia. You may also have sensitive teeth due to teeth grinding habits, an issue that is often seen in people with sleep apnea. If you recognize any of these symptoms, you’ll want to schedule a visit with our team.

When you come in for your appointment, here is what you can expect:

  • We’ll discuss the symptoms you are experiencing and perform a thorough examination.
  • If you show signs of the disorder, your dentist will give you an easy sleep test to confirm the diagnosis.
  • You’ll return to our office, where we’ll use our digital scanners to create your customized oral appliance.
  • You’ll receive the appliance and we’ll check the fit. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping through the night without interruption.

Ditch Your CPAP Machine for an Easy Appliance

Many patients find that a CPAP machine is difficult to use or to tolerate. Some struggle with the noise of the machine, while others can’t sleep with air blowing into their throat. With an appliance you’ll discover benefits such as:

  • Comfortable Fit – Your oral appliance will gently shift your jaw forward, so your airways stay open during the night. It’ll be customized for you, so you’ll barely even recognize you have it on during the night.
  • Portable – It’s not easy to travel with a CPAP machine, but an oral appliance can easily be transported with your normal oral hygiene supplies.
  • Easy to Clean – A CPAP machine can be a hassle to clean. An oral appliance just requires gentle soap and a soft toothbrush to get clean.

If you are concerned that you are showing signs of sleep apnea in Brookline, call 617-397-3958 for an appointment. You can also schedule online.