General Dentist in Brookline, MA

When it comes to protecting your smile, it isn’t enough to practice good oral hygiene at home. You need the help of an expert who can handle your immediate dental concerns as well as your long-term needs and goals. At our practice, we offer comprehensive general dentistry in Brookline that can:

  • Allow you to enjoy excellent oral health throughout your life
  • Give you confidence in your smile’s appearance
  • Treat problems when they are small, instead of when they become dental emergencies
  • Keep your teeth and gums in great shape
  • Save you money by preventing the need for more complex restorations

For an appointment, call 617-397-3958. We have appointments available as late as 7 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Safeguard Your Smile With General Dental Care Services

When you visit the dentist, you want to know you are choosing a team that you can trust. With over 30 years of experience treating smiles in our community, we take time to carefully diagnose and recommend treatments that are best for your unique smile. We never use a “one-size-fits-all” approach to dental care.

During your first appointment, we take time to get to know you and discuss your medical history. We’ll also take digital X-rays and pictures of your mouth with our intraoral camera. Then we’ll do an examination for dental health concerns, such as oral cancer, gum disease, and any other underlying issues. Following that, we’ll thoroughly clean your teeth.

We also offer other general dentistry services, such as:

  • Gum Disease Treatment If we recognize gum disease, we’ll start you on a treatment plan that will get you back to good oral health again. You’ll work with our on-site periodontist who will be present while we perform a deep cleaning procedure. We can also discuss gum recession treatment to replenish a noticeably receding gumline.
  • Mouthguards – Whether you are an athlete or struggle with teeth grinding habits, we can create a custom-fit mouthguard that will protect your teeth from harm. Our mouthguards are more durable and comfortable than the guards you can buy in the store.
  • Fluoride Treatments – We may apply fluoride to your teeth for additional protection against cavities.

To keep your smile healthy, we recommend you visit us every six months for a dental checkup. We may suggest additional visits if you are vulnerable to gum disease. Choose an experienced partner in dental care for general dentistry in Brookline by calling 617-397-3958 for an appointment. You can also schedule online.