Sugary foods can do a number on your teeth. You know this. You try to limit your sugar consumption for a healthy smile. Problem is, some foods are loaded with way more sugar than you might expect. 

Who would think oatmeal would have more sugar than a glazed doughnut? Yet oatmeal at McDonald’s – which comes with fruit and maple syrup – has twice as much sugar as the pastry. That’s just one of the surprising comparisons in this short video. The good news is, the video offers healthier substitutions for sugary breakfast foods. 

Educating yourself about food ingredients is a smart idea. We’re happy to offer other suggestions about a dental-friendly diet at your next exam. You obviously should brush and floss every day. And see us at least every six months for a professional cleaning. We get into the nooks and crannies you can miss at home to keep your teeth cavity-free. Ask us about fluoride treatments, which can be helpful if you are prone to cavities. 

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